Config Mobile Legends without delay V4

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Config Mobile Legends without delay V4-Whether you often run into a big lag while playing Mobile Legends or experience a drop in FPS so you’re betting to overcome this, we’re going to share an ml anti-lag setup and get a smooth 60 fps.

Playing Mobile Legends is more fun when you can play smoothly without lag, and a green signal with low ms or ping will make you play better and become more professional.

But it won’t happen if you have a potato device and bad signal too. To overcome this, we are going to discuss the ml configuration which is capable of 100% offset correction.

Mobile Legends, which now seems even heavier with the latest update as it brings new features and also events that add weight to the game and cause delays in devices with less specs, also known as potatoes.

Because more and more new heroes and the latest skins with extraordinary effects disrupt your gameplay with lags and serious pauses in team warfare.

This setup of Mobile Legends is quite safe to use as it changes a few settings in Mobile Legends to make it easier and smoother while playing the game, and also to speed up the ml screen loading speed.

If you have low power spec, this setup should be tried, the size is also not big because it is very light.

You get better and smoother gaming experience than just using low graphics settings on mobile legends.

Configure Mobile Legends No delay

So that’s where we’re going to make our mobile legends smoother and tastier, that’s what it’s all about. With the help of setup, the phone that was originally delayed while playing Mobile Legends is likely to perform just fine.

So what are the benefits of this latest Config Mobile legend without delay?

• Smooth play

• 60 fps

• No prohibition

• No DetectWar, no delay

• Without delay

• Quick response

• iPhone taste

• Stable ping

• Quick charge

This configuration is general so it works on all mobile phones (samsung, vivo, oppo, realme, xiaomi, etc.)

that’s how it goes

How to install Config Mobile Legends

At the moment, here is the material you need to prepare, as well as the steps

1. Download the configuration

here is the link and for the password: kokoronashi

Then you can also download backup data as an extra and just in case, so that it can go back to normal (like before entering setup).

* Note, if the above configuration error occurs, you can look for a different configuration in Krenz Official

To make the process easier later, you can also download ZArchiver

2. Extract the file

Then go to the folder where you placed the download

Click and hold the “Config ML 60 FPS Smoothly + Ping Booster” file> then click extract here> then enter the password> then a new file called will appear

3. Replace files


Click and hold new folder called> choose Cut> then go to Android folder> click Data> then paste here

Please activate “Run all files” then click on Replace / Replace

Completed, now you can enjoy Mobile Legends game more easily and of course when the war improves. Feel the comparison between before using the config and after using the config

If you are already using the configuration and want to replace it with the original, just use the backup file. for more or less the same way

That’s it for this article, basically, even if your device looks like a potato, there is still a savior for you to play ML smoothly, via setup. With this configuration, you can modify the mobile captions to be more fluid

so you don’t have to worry about delays during the game then losing

thank you very much


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