config Vvip Fullskin terbaru V129

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config Vvip Fullskin terbaru V – Once you’ve set up the weapons, set up all the skins, and other setups, you can also perform automatic headshots so that you can get a booyah in the Garena Free Fire game. If you want to win by playing Free Fire games, these are all things that are not easy for you.

But if you want to win easily while playing ff games, you must try to use Free Fire Auto Headshot Config for which admin provide file download link and how to install it in the article I provided below.


How to install Config Free Fire Auto Headshot

The installation of Free Fire Auto Headshot is very easy and common as you don’t need a phone root system first. If you are curious, you can just check out the steps and tutorials below.

1. Download the Auto Headshot Config file provided by the administrator above.

2. Download Zarchiver from the Google Play Store.

3. Extract the configuration file into the Zarchiver application.

4. Copy / Copy the previously extracted file and place it in the Stronge-Android-Data-Com.dts.freefireth folder.

5. Next, open the Files folder, then the Contentcache-Optional folder.

6. Then you can open Android folder and paste the file earlier and put it in gamessetbundle folder.

7. When you can complete the above methods and you are done, you can keep trying to play and open your free shooting game.

8. Good luck.

Now that you’ve tried some of the FF setups offered by the admin above, if you don’t know the pros and cons of Free Fire Config, you can easily check out the pros and cons below.

Note: If you want to try Config Free, but the skin setup, diamod setup, and auto headshot setup cannot be used by friends. It is very possible that your phone is affected, does not support it, and the file cannot be used or has been burned.

Benefits of Config Free Fire

For those of you unfamiliar with the benefits of setup, you can read this review to the end. The advantage of setting up now is that you can easily use skins in the form of weapon skins, parachutes, and other bundles.

Now for the perks of Config Auto Headshot itself that is, you will easily kill your enemies and opponents with one hit, if you eat like this you will easily get the victory.

Disadvantages of Config Free Fire

For those unfamiliar with the shortcomings of the ff configuration, I’ll give a little insight into the absence of a file in the Free Fire configuration or some illegal or unofficial method. So if you use this method, Garena Play Free Fire is not allowed, so anyone using any unofficial method risks their account being permanently suspended.

FF Config safe?

If you are asked about setup, is setup without Fire safe for friends? Now this has not been resolved by the admin team and as a researcher I am not sure if the setup is safe or not.

But what is safe and what you need to know, this Free Fire Setup is a legal and unofficial file or app that you can use. So if you want to use the setup, you should accept it at your own risk.

To make the friends of the free shooting game more secure and there is no problem with your ff game account, the admin recommend to play it safe so that your game account does not present any serious risk and not be blocked.


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